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Your Favorite Juice

You will obtain this neck strike which isn't going to be too extreme, but it will certainly be one which makes you want as soon as you are done with this one, to go for another hit.

What is more refreshing than a fruit flavored vape than a blend with a touch of menthol!

Big Fat Juice has put together this mix of fresh green apple, watermelon, juicy, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries for people who can not get enough of natural tasting fruit flavors that are even better than the real item.

L E Liquid brings together whole ripened strawberries, big chunks of succulent watermelon and heaping spoonfuls of thick churned cream to bring an additional number of sweet richness to even out the fresh, pure fruit tastes.

You would never think of cucumber being part of a daring vape juice mix but it compliments the watermelon taste perfectly and the two go together just like a marriage made in heaven itself.

So lively, entertaining and fresh, this is the perfect vape juice for sitting poolside, at the beach or even in the midst of winter when you are dreaming of bright days ahead.

Harlequin provides you a juicy sweet and delicious bubblegum flavors combine to create this wonderful, vaping feeling.

You've reached the end!

You've reached the end!