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Welcome to a world through breathing at a pleasantly fragrant vapor, in which the taste of coffee is enjoyed. Maybe you're here because you're not convinced that the java you like in the morning may be replicated at a salt mobile liquid or you have a collection of java flavors but are currently searching for the ideal taste to quench your coffee craving. Almond Cappuccino by Nitro Cold Brew Salt E Liquid is your answer to your prayers. This salt contains the flavors of java vanilla, and milk and comes in a 30ml bottle. This won't be a joe with an experience like no other although your normal cup of joe. The cappuccino taste will linger in lips and your tongue for some time as you exhale and inhale your vape clouds. The aroma will cause you to remember all those quiet Sunday afternoons. When it comes to your java, you don't want to worry and you like preparing it as much as you enjoy drinking it. You enjoy the graceful artwork that gets shaped when you pour and only use thick and creamy whole milk for your cappuccino. Plus, you hand picked on almonds the evening before to grind your coffee drink . It makes that taste worth it when the experience of milk and warm coffee with a hint of almond reach the back of your throat and your tongue. Nitro Cold Brew is going to become your barista for all your coffee needs with three more salt. This is the salt cream based version made by Nitro's Cold Brew E Liquid.

**This Item is made with salt based nicotine and not intended for sub ohm vaping**

Primary Flavors: Almond, Cappuccino

Almond Coffee Cappuccino Milk
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