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Aloha Gummy

Tropical 100 E Liquid

Bringing the best of both worlds together, this snowy candy inspired blend is going to have you feeling those island vibes once you inhale a little bit of its sweet, bright flavor. As many people sweet fanatics will understand, finding a complex, multidimensional candy based juice mix can be extremely difficult, it seems like just about nobody can perfect it but somehow the juice manufacturers over at Tropical 100 E Liquid had the ability to do it. This is the kind of mix that is great for those long days in which you know that you'll be putting in some overtime at your office and also feel all day 38, sort of down in the dumps about it. When you take your vape break and taste the vibrant, enjoyable flavor that's held inside, it's like your instantly given this increase of confidence and the drive to make it through it and look forward to the weekend. Perhaps you will find yourself with flashbacks of running to your local candy store with some change clutched securely in your hands trying to determine just how you might get the maximum bang for your dollar and place yourself into a sugar rush before the day was through. Tropical 100 E Liquid makes absolutely fabulous blends that are inspired by all of those succulent, luscious fruits which you can find in a tropical paradise. Rather than having to plan a costly trip, you can have them you please with no stress or stress. Aloha Gummy says hello to your taste buds with a punch of daring pineapple and squirt of mouth puckering lemon that is all enveloped in a taste bud tantalizing candy base.Primary Flavors: Pineapple, Lemon, Candy

Lemon Pineapple Fruit Candy Tropical Tropical Fruit
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