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American Patriots Pods (4 Pack)

Naked 100 Pods

Discover that blue, golden tobacco taste that is with this mix that takes that authentic flavor that you love and really makes it shine. You will love with this mix around for those times as soon as your cravings begin to take hold and you are aware that you will require something that will have the ability to give you the flavor you have been lusting after but without any of the negative effects of the real thing. If you are trying to give up the habit and want to do it as quickly as possible this vaping option is going to be a great choice that will provide you as accurate as an experience as you can without needing to forfeit all that taste that you expect in the real thing with a smoothness that exudes luxury. Don't sit around feeling down in the dumps wishing that you could have some of that rich taste that plays on your mind until you finally give inthis will the secret to your own pride. There's course and a sophistication about a mix such as this that will keep you coming back for a little bit of irresistible satisfaction that can last to it. Naked 100 E Juice is a line that makes a huge range of flavors that will make you feel as if the entire world is your oyster and you can have that constant accessibility that you may delight, that you enjoy. American Patriots is that organic loud tobacco taste that you lust after with rich flavor, much earthy and a silky feel that enchants your senses from the get go and charms.

Main Flavors: Tobacco

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