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American Pie

Vape Wild E Liquid
$9.99 $16.99

The one that comes to mind is your classic apple, when you think of a fruit. This fruit is juicy and a one that is favorite because people enjoy having the ability to incorporate it into pastries. One of those popular treats in is at a freshly baked pie, you will find this succulent apple. Apple Pie is the title of the liquid that will inform you that you should leave the baking. When you take a pull of the liquid, then you are likely to taste the apples immediately making their way in. The crust of the pie gets more powerful and you can feel each of the crispy dish aromas melting in your taste buds. You can taste the cinnamon spice that will give you an extra kick which will get your taste buds tingling, as you savor the mix. This electronic liquid does have a PG/VG level of 35/65, which means you will experience a neck hit which isn't likely to be intense, but it is going to be there so as to enhance you vape trip as well as the tastes. Speaking of the PG/VG level, it also informs you that you will be greeted by a couple of aromatic clouds which will put on a show, and boy they are not kidding. You're likely to be hypnotized by the clouds rushing around you and allowing you to smell them whenever they stay around If you exhale. You're going to have the ability to meet with them again when you go on a different excursion, although they aren't likely to stay around for long. It is going to be worthwhile if it means tasting the apple pie over and over again.

Main Flavors: Apple Cinnamon

PG/VG: 35/65

Apple Pie Cinnamon Pastry Apple Fruit Dessert
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