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If you want to reach the apex of island flavors then you want Apex liquid. Apex is the combo of with a bit of additional strawberry flavor enhancement tropical mango and pineapple. For what doesn't the flavor of strawberry make better? We can not come up with anything and bet the makers of Apex e liquid attained the conundrum. Why resist its sweet, ripe and mildly notes of succulent berry taste. Since you inhale Apex, your mouth will float off to some land of tropical bliss. The smooth, pineapple flavor that is mild is the base for this liquid to be used without growing tired of its flavor. It sweetly drifts into your mouth , with hints of tropical tartness and mild notes of sugar. Boosting this flavor profile's sweetness is the juicy mango flavor. You can bet your fruit using its varying levels of sweetness from to wealthy and juicy onto the mango as the perfect supplier for succulent island sweetness When it's associated with tropical. The mango flavor combines with the pineapple to form a tropical vape flavor. Only with Apex there is a twist and it's twisted directly from the strawberry areas that are abundant, producing the reddish berries filled with flavor. The tannins complement the mild tartness in the pineapple and the infamous sweetness from the strawberry meld perfectly with the juicy and sweet flavor of the mango. These elements of tartness and sweetness balance out each other to provide you a totally wonderful island agent flavor you will not have the ability to get anywhere besides Apex an liquid.

Flavors: Pineapple Strawberry

Strawberry Pineapple Fruit Mango Tropical Tropical Fruit
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