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Apple Berry Blast

Slurp 100 E Liquid

Mixing a timeless, sweet taste from the youth with a bunch of fruit flavors together that you would have ensured come this mix will offer the best of the two worlds just up for your joy that is vaping. As soon as you get a grasp of this glorious elixir, you're going to be giddy with glee. It just has that character about it that inspires a grin to spread across a positive attitude and your face to impart itself. You simply can not appear to have the ability to deny the fact that this mix is a true one-off, individual that is currently going to give you much great flavor that is like nothing else that you have ever had in your group before. Just the fact that you have it will make you feel prepared and have you wishing that you'd have managed to discover it. There are so multidimensional facets that work together flawlessly to create an overall awareness of expertise that brings your mind to another time and place, far away from all your worries and obligations. Slurp 100 E Liquid makes combinations that are so wonderfully wacky and wild that you will be educated to let loose and have a bit of fun. Whenever they enter your life, you are going to be in for days that are filled with a satisfaction and pleasure that spreads to everyone around. The flavor Apple Berry Blast unites some crisp, succulent, freshly harvested apples with a combination of bold, impactful berries that are currently going to hit your taste buds and have you smitten at first inhale.  Flavors: Apple

Raspberry Strawberry Apple Fruit
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