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Apple Cider Donut

Keep It 100 E Liquid
$17.99 $18.95

Who does not enjoy a small apple cider? However, when you have the chance to vape with this e liquid, you are likely to get a hint that is going to create out this mix stand. Apple Cider Donut is the title of this electronic liquid that's going to taste great since it is likely to cause you to feel as though you are helping yourself that you have never seen available in almost any store. When you take the first pull, you are likely to enjoy the apples that are likely to be succulent as though they were picked off the trees and added into the vape juice in order to maintain their freshness. Since you continue pulling, you are likely to taste the sweet cider, which makes you feel like you are hanging out in the orchard that provided the apples to get it. You get this sensation as though you are currently eating some kind of donut. It becomes so real that you may begin chewing away as though the electronic liquid in your mouth is currently breaking down. As you enjoy these flavors, you begin to let the electronic liquid make its way as it is about to provide you the throat strike that you are waiting for. It is not likely to be an hit but is going to improve the flavors and also make them more potent that you enjoy. When you are done getting the flavors all that this e liquid has to offer, you are likely to gently begin exhaling and allowing everything from your system. The clouds that are currently going to flow from your mouth are going to be big, but the size is not what is catching your attention. As you begin to smell them, it seems as though you are attempting to inhale the clouds that you can go on a different vape excursion. You truly smell the clouds hard since they're surrounding you with this odor that can convince you to take another pull of the liquid before you go on about your day.

Flavors: Apple, Cider, Donut

Apple Fruit Cider Donut
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