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Frozen Candy Apple

Apple Drippers E Liquid
$18.99 $19.95

Frozen Candy Apple is sweet, sour, tangy and chilled. This lovely vape juice mix tastes just like the original except it includes the taste of a candy apple that has been placed in the freezer. The taste in this 100ml jar is infused with menthol to offer you a chill down your back with each inhale and then exhale. Breathing this e juice will make you feel revived like hitting a reset button which brings you back to the start of your day. You did not think you had a nap till you began breathing within this vapor smoke and ended feeling well-rested. Frozen Candy Apple is manufactured by Apple Drippers, the brand who preferably be dripping with apples than with gold or silver. This new loved the taste of Chocolate Apple so much they left a second just so they can add a more invigorating sensation to it. You already know how tempting the taste inside this bottle may be since you may have already purchased the initial taste. However, imagine how much nicer your throat hits will be if menthol reaches it. This is the best taste to try on a hot summer afternoon. You'll feel exceptional sitting on your porch if it's sweltering outside while everyone else is hiding inside. When you inhale the candy candy apple taste will feel like it has been trapped in a menthol ice cube. If we left you select between A/C and also this e liquid you may just select this e liquid.

Main Flavors: Chocolate, Apple, Menthol

Apple Fruit Candy Menthol
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