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Apple Kiwi Splash

Blaze E Liquid

At times, you've just got to make a big splash! There is nothing wrong with being bold, outspoken and letting your wild side out. This blend will be the backing that you want to keep on living your life and doing your thing. It takes a whole lot of energy and strength to go out in this world and be your authentic, unapologetic self so you're likely to require a juice that will be able to give you plenty of energy and invigoration that will give you all of the drive and push that we can use every now and again. A flavor similar to this is just expressive and so lively it cause you to want to achieve to it when you want that mid-day boost and gets that passion in your soul ignited. A fresh flavor similar to this will find itself use regularly, it just has an amazing, all day long kind of functionality that will be able to fill your mod and give you around the clock satisfaction that never fails. You'll be anything but let down when you try this juice that's made with your enjoyment in mind. Blaze E Liquid is a brand that creates fresh tasting juices that are packed with beautiful flavor that's currently going to have you getting all that revival and impact that you desire in a super type of way. They use the very best of the components to make sure the products they release are of only the highest quality. Apple Kiwi splash brings crisp, sweet apple with sour, exotic kiwi fruits together.

Flavors: Apple, Kiwi

Kiwi Apple Fruit Tropical Tropical Fruit
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