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Apple Kiwi

Stay Salty E Liquid
$16.99 $23.99

When you're shopping in the local grocery store, the bright red spheres in the aisle always seem to catch your attention. They are so yummy, so persistent.   What happens when you grow tired of this poster child for fruits? You add the vapor to twirl into a mist of feeling that is immense. Apple Kiwi e liquid is the ideal blend of everyone fruit with tropical kiwi's notes to generate a smooth fruity e juice you have never tasted before. Since you inhale Apple Kiwi you will be thrilled to taste the mild and crisp notes of apple spreading on your mouth bouncing around and tickling your taste buds. The kiwi glides as easy as the notes it releases, as you're being lifted from the sugar of the apple taste. It combines with the apple to form a tasty and lovely union. Your throat is approached by the vapor and the creamy properties of the kiwi get work, smoothing the trip into your lungs. Then comes the stable element you can always rely on to give a small bit of happiness to you. The salt nicotine delivers a sense as the apple kiwi vapor dances around on your lungs. Exhale and enjoy the tastes again.

**This product includes salt nicotine and isn't intended for sub ohm vaping. **

Kiwi Apple Tropical Tropical Fruit
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