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Apple Of My Ice

Vape Wild E Liquid
$9.99 $16.99

If it is chosen out On occasion a wonderful green apple can satisfy your taste buds. But because the ones which were chosen are going to offer you what you have been missing you will not have to fret about the apples in this blend. Apple Of My Ice is the title of this liquid that will catch the green apples known to man and add them. When you choose a pull of the liquid, then you are going to taste the green apples easily making their way. You're going to taste the sour notes these apples take that may be a bit sour, as you savor these apples. While your mouth puckers, you are going to find this chilling sensation to begin to make its way in. As you let this flavor to input, you wonder if it is a spearmint or peppermint hint. In reality, this is a combo of both because it is the menthol kick because it leaves their mouths and give them a texture unlike any other, which everyone enjoys. Where these apples have been chosen because they are ripe, you begin to wonder, but at the same time making you feel as if there's an iceberg. Who knew apples grew in conditions? Not something many of us are used to, but you will not be complaining, when you experience this trip. The throat is not going to be extreme, but there'll still be kicks that will make you need to go for another pull. The clouds which will escape your mouth once you exhale are likely to be memorable. So you can enjoy their odor, they will be enormous and surround you. Your friends aren't likely to hang out for a long time with you, but they are still going to put on a show unlike any other. Once they disappear, nothing will prevent you from moving on a few trips with this liquid which just gets better and better. Besides, this e liquid all is not likely to complete knock yourself out!

Primary Flavors: Apple, Menthol

PG/VG: 35/65

Apple Fruit Green Apple Menthol
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