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Apple Peach Strawberry

Sweets By Coastal Clouds E Liquid

This e liquid is going to be causing you to feel as if you traveling to three countries in order to acquire the fruits that are best Mother Nature has to offer. Apple Peach Strawberry is the title of this liquid that's going to incorporate each of these fruits in one pull. It will gradually start to feel as if you're being hauled to New York itself when you decide to go on your first trip. Since it's the land where folks want to be celebrities, but just wind up being bankrupt baristas you might hate New York. Kidding, many do create it! Anyways, the apples will be juicy and pack your mouth using a whole lot of sweetness. Unexpectedly, you leave the Northeast and start heading into the south. That's perfect! You are now likely to taste the delicious peaches from Atlanta, Georgia. Savory like the girls and they will be rich like the housewives. The does not stop there because the berries are adding into the sweetness that this e liquid has to offer. So would California be? Eh, sounds great. When the tastes come together, you're engulfed with a ton of juices in your palette. If you exhale, you're doing to do it gradually so that the notes that are several easily exit while dropping the past couple of notes which this liquid has to offer. The liquid that is is going to easily leave and allow you to make these huge clouds which are going to be more calming to check out. They are just your cloudy friends paying you a quick trip before they go, although they might be a bit obnoxious. They leave their scent behind As soon as they do, and that means it's time for another hit.

Main Flavors: Peach Strawberry

PG/VG: 30/70

Strawberry Peach Apple Fruit
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