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Both of the fruits used to make this succulent e liquid will give you a mouthwatering feeling that will make this a comfy all day vape e liquid. Apple Pearadise does not lie when it creates a cute pun this electronic liquid is going to take you to a utopian atmosphere. When you take a pull of the electronic liquid, then you can taste the apples scattering around your mouth and ensuring you are able to taste the juicy and mature content they carry. They may even give you a tiny crunchy feeling because of how potent. As the flavors slowly make their way down your throat, you receive. As you start to relish the pear, you will taste the amazing fruit growing more creamy by the second. After you begin to exhale and allow the flavors exit your system 21, you are able to taste a lot of it. Because breathing out might force you to lose out on the flavors this pear has to offer, you have to do it. Your taste buds will get mad because the flavors taunt them with their goodness as they say goodbye. The notes will be yummy, and they make you consider going on a different trip with this mix. You can sense the clouds passing through your lips and growing bigger right when you think the trip is all about to be over. Sure, the dimensions may be a bit obnoxious, but with 30/70's PG/VG degree, you're ready for them to be loudly. They are going to smell amazing, therefore no one is going to be complaining either way.

PG/VG: 30/70

Pear Apple Fruit
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