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Apple Pearadise

The Finest Salt E Liquid

Sometimes, all you'll need is a couple of fruits so as to feel like you are without any stress on a tropical island. Then allow it to go and worry about it later because it is all about you, if there was stress earlier. Is by having this salt liquid that will be the cocktail that you need. Apple Pearadise is your salt e liquid that's making nearly everyone want to begin planning an island vacation. You're going to relish the delicious apples which makes their way, when you take the pull of the salt e liquid. The apples that are candy are going to be rich and juicy, it will feel like you are munching on a couple of apple slices. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a snack. You're going to taste the pears storming into your mouth to allow you to know that the cocktail is virtually complete, as you continue pulling. The pear will be packed with a lot of content that will match the apple flavors. This vape juice contains salt established smoking, meaning that a salt e liquid is indulged in by you, you are going to appreciate the small number of clouds that are currently going to be fragrant along with the smooth throat hit. Speaking of this throat hit, the one that you receive here will be like no other. It will permit the flavors to explode in your mouth so you better be prepared to feel as though you are enjoying these fruits at the same time both. If you exhale, you are going to see the clouds coming out of your mouth. Since there are a couple of of them, slow you may appreciate their scent and they would like to be a little dramatic.  This will be an unforgettable excursion that you may want to undergo a couple of times.

**This product is made with salt nicotine and not Meant for sub ohm vaping**Primary Flavors: Apple, Pear

Pear Salt Apple Fruit
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