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What to find just a little bit into the autumn season mood? Because this one will get it done for 28, well, stop searching for an liquid that is currently going to give you some fall vibes. Apple Pie is the name of this e liquid that is going to remind you about this pastry that you just love to munch on all of the time. This is a treat that you get when you walk into a grocery shop, but if you get your hands its flavor will not even compare. Talking of taking the pull, when you do you are likely to enjoy the rich pie flavor. You can taste the warm crust providing you a few notes since it melts on your mouth. You are likely to taste the apples that are likely to be creamy and juicy, Since the melt continues. The feeling will be there because this dish has been in the oven for a while in order for it to appear nice and prepared. You can taste the cinnamon spice coming in as if it was sprinkled to bring a little finesse. An apple cinnamon combination is beautiful and a classic one. You grow excited because you know that you will enjoy the little throat hit that will be amazing, while all of these flavors make their way down your throat. When you think you are finished with this vape excursion, you start to exhale and respect. However, they are also likely to carry this wonderful scent that is going to make you need to go for another attraction right after your friends evaporate. Although you are trying to be respectful of these clouds, they want you to continue enjoying the liquid so be your own guest.

Main Flavors: Apple, Pie, Cinnamon

PG/VG: 30/70

Apple Pie Cinnamon Pie Pastry Apple Fruit Dessert
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