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Warm apple pie would be the middle of the desert universe and it may also be the middle of the collection that is liquid. The very best thing to cool down the piping hot dessert would be a heaping scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. No, a side of ice cream doesn't arrive with the American dessert in liquid form. The juice makers paired with creamy milk, at River Rock managed to keep the notes of vanilla and frozen chips of ice hockey. Essentially, you get a dessert made simplified into form that is e. When you pull on your vaping device the vibrant crisp and sweet tannins of this apple will perk the sides of your mouth up till smile creates, such as the one after the initial bite of apple pie. Next, your tongue will be spritzed to actualize the encounter that is vaping to the real dessert. The milky notes of vanilla land towards the rear of the mouth and cascade over your throat, easing a pathway to the vapor. If you exhale, you're going to be talented with the very best memories of your childhood that included that warm, apple pie desserts after a tasty meal. Remember when your mother would not allow you to bite into it? Not until she added that it to cool down to your eagerly awaiting mouth. This liquid is no different, just you get to enjoy it as much as you'd like with no mother cutting off you.

Main Flavors: Apple, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Ice Cream

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