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This is the combo of exotic fruits you have been looking for. Aqua Fruit is the name of this salt e liquid that's going to make you feel as if you are terrifying in the Virgin Islands. When you take a pull of this salt e liquid, then you might immediately feel as if you are enjoying a cocktail that has been severed in a hollowed out watermelon. Speaking of watermelon, it is probably going to be the first fruit that you can taste making its way within your mouth. It's going to be refreshing and make you feel as though you are eating an entire slice. As you continue pulling you are going to taste the tart raspberries making themselves known. What is a salt emails liquid with no sweet and tart combination that you like? On the other hand, the sweet and tart feeling doesn't just end there. You are eventually going to taste the kiwi that's most likely going to make your mouth pucker, however it is still going to be some of the best notes you might have ever tasted coming out of this fruit. You will find strawberry hints within this mix also, so be prepared to taste those succulent berries that you like. If you believe this is , you are definitely not going to be prepared for the throat hit this blend has to offer. When you think you are ready to let everything from your system, you start to slowly exhale and let everything depart. The clouds that are going to come from your mouth are going to be small, but nevertheless, wear an aromatic display that will make you wish to take another hit straight away.

**This product is made with salt nicotine and not intended for sub ohm vaping**

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