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Arctic Unicorn

The Drip Company E Liquid
$12.99 $25.00

Rare and lovely, the unicorn is a mythical creature that has magical qualities. Slide a rainbow down into a glistening fairy pond that is full of a flavor that you've never tasted before. It'll change what you thought a vape juice might be. Arctic Unicorn from The Drip Company Coffee Shop Edition E Liquid is a new, chilly spin on their first smash hit, Unicorn. To start things off, a big fluffy cloud made of sweet cotton candy is thrown into a blender together with succulent, tropical cherry and daring, ripe, blended berries for a fruity, candy flavor that will have one vaping it over an over again because of its unique taste. When you thought this mix could not get any more amazing, there's a dab of menthol thrown to the mixture to get a experience that elevates this flavorful and well rounded blend to a different level. If you're looking for a juice using"wow" factor that can add some adventure and excitement for your vaping collection, you've undoubtedly found it. If you're looking to show off to all your other vaping buddies, this is the juice to do this with. Everyone will be wholly mind boggled trying to figure just that is in your tank. When you blow out clouds, it is going to create the most mystifying and tasty smell that anybody has ever has the joy of sniffing. The Drip Company Coffee Shop Edition E Liquid has broken this up 120ml juice to two more convenient 60ml ones so you can bring them along with you on your journeys. If there's any one, dessert island juice which you may have to choose, it could be this one. Bold, innovative and flirty, this multitasking miracle is going to have you vaping thankfully!

Mixed Berry Cotton Candy Fruit Dessert Candy Mango Menthol
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