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From Alien comes their fruity and flavorful Area 51. If you like fun companies with even more products then Alien is the juice producer. Their bright and unique packaging design perfectly reflective of everything they bring to their flavors. If you like what you see, then we strongly suggest reading on for more info.

Alien gives you everything they have to offer with the Area 51. Want a low nicotine style juice? Area 51 has a 3mg option. Need a cigarette like juice? Area 51 has a 6mg nicotine option. Want a juice that's just flavorful, with no nicotine to speak of. Alien has you covered there too with their 0mg option.

The package of Area 51 comes in is a 60ml bottle. We often find these are a perfect size. Great for transportation and storage. Great for trying out and restocking. Great for sharing or keeping it to yourself. Overall a well-rounded size for everyone to enjoy and at a more than reasonable price.

Area 51 is a flavor for the melon lovers out there. Lovingly crafting together cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon to create a taste sensation that can compare to no other, Alien knows what they are about. If you are looking for a vaping experience where each hit is juicier than the last, then Area 51 is the e-liquid for you.

Alien brings Area 51 to fans of vaping so that they can enjoy the fruit filled experience they know they want. And we at Knowvape want to make the experience available to as many people as possible. That’s why we put it's in our store and why we are encouraging you to buy some. Don’t miss out or you’ll regret it.

Honeydew Watermelon Melon Cantaloupe Fruit
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