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The hibiscus is a stunning flower that comes in dozens of varieties. Hibiscus flowers may be used in tea of the exact same title --it has a sour, fruit-like taste (a bit like a cranberry), and it is a favorite for herbal tea enthusiasts. Hibiscus tea is flavorful, and hibiscus blossoms smell lovely, too. Lifted Liquids decided it was time therefore -- and that others underwent the nectar of this flower and looked in the hibiscus, Ashawnt the e liquid was created. According to the creators, its main flavor profile is a rare number of hibiscus that just hummingbirds can drink from; it makes the blend that much sweeter, to understand it has a rare, mysterious source... it is a mystery just people enjoying this blend know about. Give it a sweet flavor and the taste is accented to even out the tartness. It is one which can not be found anyplace else, an absolute taste. And with an electronic liquid from Lifted Liquids, you are ensured a vaping session that is full of taste. You can find the best of both worlds. Ashawnt is a distinctive and original taste that takes fruit that is candy . Scrumptious and delicate, this really is a combination you will return to over and over. Whether you need something to mellow you out in the close of a day or you are currently looking for a light, fun blend to assist you awake in the morning, Ashawnt is a option. When you need something sweet but not unbearably so It'll become your favorite go-to. Grab a bottle now and prepare yourself to get the taste experience you will ever encounter.

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