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Frisco Vapor

A sweet and tart mix with a bit of chai seems like an wonderful smoothy. Ashbury is a e that is tasty liquid that will make you pucker for a little, but not overly long. When you take a pull of this e liquid, then you can taste the spices that are different that the chai has to offer. It's making this taste but before you feel that it is something gross, you start to get a few hints of flavors. The acai berry gets powerful you also get this sensation that's currently going to make your mouth pucker for a second prior to the grape flavors begin becoming stronger and as you continue pulling. As you are savoring all these flavors, you are starting to feel like you are sitting in a tea party, but not just any tea party. You are hanging out in one of the fancy ones that the exclusive men and women get invited . The liquid that is e slowly starts to make its way down your neck, and as soon as you feel it moving you'll be given a burst of flavors that will increase your experience with this liquid. As the flavors get stronger, you may feel your mouth start to water around making certain that your taste buds all get the opportunity to enjoy what they need to offer. When you believe that it is time to put an end to this particular tea party, you start to exhale. The chai is dropping a few additional hints of flavor behind, and you'll be able to feel the sweet and tart flavors giving your taste buds a small kiss before they go. The clouds will be pretty large and they'll encircle you with an wonderful aromatic odor that will cause others around you envious of the trip that this liquid is taking on you.

PG/VG: 35/65

Blueberry Chai Acai Berry Fruit Tropical Tropical Fruit
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