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Aspire Cleito Replacement Coils (5 Pack)

$13.49 $16.99

If you enjoy sub ohm vaping then we know you have a higher standard. When it comes to your hits, mods, and general vaping your expectations are just different. Well, we know that you’ve probably been disappointed a time or two, we know we have, and we are pretty over it. Which is why when people come to us for sub ohm suggestions we are quick to recommend Aspire for their needs. Aspire not only provides innovation and quality in their kits but consistency in terms of parts and pricing. It's all but guaranteed that the Clieto replacement coils that you get with this pack can be held to the exact same high standards as the one that came in your kit initially.

We know vapers who sub ohm are looking for high standards of craft and quality because sub ohm vaping is inherently an investment. Your mod needs more attention and maintenance than your general kit. Your temperature and power setting require more fine-tuning. You need to utilize your equipment more often in general and, in turn, expect more from your equipment. Especially when specialization and modification are a much bigger part of sub ohm vaping. When you invest more often your eye becomes more keen and discerning.

Which brings us to necessity. You place a much higher demand on your coil than the average vaper in terms of both heat and power. Frequent and/or intense use can cause more than the usual amount of wear and tear, even with the high-quality coils from Aspire. The need to replace your coils isn’t an option, its an eventuality. But Aspire wants to always have the options of quality available to their customers. They provide affordable bulk packs of their coils to make sure their customers never have to worry about how often they are vaping. Enjoy your experience, and if you have to replace your coil soon know that it will be a relatively painless experience.

Aspire makes 5 packs featuring a variety of Clieto coils. No matter what sub ohm kit you chose to use or mod you have rigged up, there will be a pack of replacement coils for you. And all of them at more than reasonable prices. We have coils at .4, .27, .2, and.16 ohms. No matter the level of heat you prefer, Aspire has coils for you. Grab a couple of different packs for modifications or just one ohm to set aside for a rainy day. One way or the other, you’ll be getting more than your money’s worth.

Knowvape wants its fans to always know where to find their very best in vape. For that reason, Aspire is high on our list. They are an easy recommendation for us to make. These coils are a great example of the consistency you can expect them to deliver. It may seem like a small thing, replacement coils, but it is the most telling to look at how a company treats their small things. That is the best way to see the company’s big picture. We like what we see and we want you to see it too. Take a look.

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