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Aspire Cleito Sub Ohm Tank

5.0 Based On 1 Reviews
$18.99 $30.99

Different vapers look for different things from their mod. Some vapers specifically want thick clouds ripe with that flavor they picked out special for that day. Some vapers want that mod with the high power, high heat coil to push their machines performance to the next level. If you are a vape fan looking for something like that then we want to enthusiastically recommend to you the Clieto Sub Ohm Tank.

First off, let's talk about the capacity of this tank. You out there who prefer a sub ohm vaping know that the high heat tends to consume a bit more e-juice than average. Aspire is knowledgeable about how that tends to work out too. That’s why this tank was built with a capacity of 3.5 milliliters. This is a high yield tank, almost double the capacity of your standard stock tank that comes with a starter kit. A perfect pick for an enthusiast who has that one flavor that they love and they always want to have a lot of on hand.

Now the coil in a sub ohm tank is the quintessential part. You need to know the tank you are picking out has a coil that is not only compatible with your set up but also has the power that you need to optimize your experience. Well if you decide on the Cleito Sub Ohm Tank then you are in luck. You don’t get just one sub ohm coil, oh no. The Cleito tank comes with two different coils. The cooler coil is a .4 ohm coil with a watt range of 40 to 60. That's the coil to use if you want your mod to run to a little cooler, to have the battery last a little longer. The second coil is an impressive .2 ohm with a range of 55 to 70 watts. This is the coil for you if you're looking for hot, thick, and flavorful clouds. Whichever you prefer, though, it's clear the Clieto Sub Ohm Tank has you covered.

And we mean completely covered. We just got done discussing all the technical prowess of the Cleito Tank but not everything is about performance. What about looks? This tank comes in three different metallic shades: rose gold, stainless silver, and black. These three shades are so stylish they’ll match up with any aesthetic your mod already has. And if you are looking for another level of customization the Cleito Sub Ohm Tank also has cuffs that can be switched out for a little additional color.

Aspire has never fallen short of our expectations, always an excellent choice for kits and mods. We don’t hesitate to offer their newest additions or their tried and true products on our storefront and they are some of our first recommendations. Well, the Cleito Sub Ohm Tank holds to these same standards. If you are looking for a reliable sub ohm mod, then take it from us here at Knowvape and give the Cleito a shot.

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Confident Mosquito
2 Reviews Written Joined Apr 10, 2019

This is a fantastic sub ohm tank, great flavour from .4 coils and plenty of clouds if that's your thing

Written 11 months ago
Confident Mosquito
Confident Mosquito Joined Apr 10, 2019
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Written 11 months ago

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