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Aspire Cobble Pod Mod Starter Kit

$9.99 $14.99

If you have been a part of the vaping scene for a while things can all sort of start to blend together. Maybe you’ve become too jaded to what’s on the market. Maybe you think you have seen it all before. Well, give us a chance to show you something a little different. Maybe it’ll pique your interests. Aspire, after all, is always trying things a little differently. The Cobble Pod Mod Starter Kit is that type of different taken to the next level and, we think, better for it.

First, let's talk about the pods. That’s what its all about, isn’t it when it comes to pod mods. The Cobble pod has a more than decent 2 milliliter capacity that can keep you good to go for quite a while. The pods also come with a decent selection, including options in your traditional e-juice variety as well as high nicotine content e-salts for those who want a more cigarette like hit.

And speaking of inhaling, this is where the Cobble Pod Mod starts to shine. The Cobble utilizes an inhale to activate the mechanism. No need to concern yourself with levers, triggers, or buttons. Just put your lips to your kit and hit it, and it will activate all on its own. What could be simpler than that? Plus, if you are looking for that cigarette like experience, this function combines perfectly with the e-salt pod options.

One of our favorite attributes of the Cobble Pod Mod Starter Kit is its shape. Ergonomically designed for ease and comfort; the Cobble is smooth and comfortable, fitting easily into the palm of your hand. And unlike some bulkier options, the Cobble is easily pocketed or stored for your convenience. Also, you can have discretion available to you if you need it.

When you look at the Cobble you can easily see the intent of the developers to build a kit with a smooth and fun design. And we think that desire carried over into the aesthetic and appearance choices involved in the production of the Cobble. Many kits offer metallic or solid color designs, which is great for those who like them, but the Cobble chose to go its own way with textured bodies. From wood and stone textures to even animal prints, your Cobble will have a unique look all its own. None of your vape circle having anything that will compare and you can fill free to sit back and enjoy their envy.

Aspire is famous for the quality of their products, to be sure, but they are famous for one other thing as well. Aspire is always challenging industry standards. This is why we at Knowvape wanted the Cobble Pod Mod Starter Kit in our shop. It does things a little differently, it challenges the traditional. This is something we can’t help but get behind. And we know it might catch a few looks, but we also know that you are the type to want this fun little mod to be seen, right?

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