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Aspire Feedlink Revvo BF Starter Kit


So you’ve taken a few laps in the swimming pool that is vaping and are ready to choose a style of your own. Where to start? Well, if you tried out a couple of different options and figured out you are a fan of squonk style mods then the Feedlink Revvo BF Starter Kit is the right choice for you. Aspire is a brand known for reliable and consistent quality in the world of vaping and this starter kit is a perfect example of that.

The Feedlink comes equipped with a sub ohm coil. Sub ohm coils utilize high wattage to create high levels of heat, which in turn creates large amounts of flavor-infused vapor. The coil that comes installed in this kit falls into the .10 to .14 ohm range with a wattage of 70 to 80. If you are looking for a kit that produces hot, thick clouds then the Feedlink Revvo is a smart choice on your part.

Now there are a lot of different varieties of delivery out there when it comes to getting that juice to your coil. Direct dripping or a pre-loaded tank are pretty common methods, both with their own strengths and weaknesses. But a good middle ground that offers the best of both worlds is a squonk. Squonking squeezes your e-juice right to your coil when you want it, no need to drop right on or load it up while on the go. Simply fill at the beginning of the day and you’re good.

The squonk bottle in the Feedlink Revvo BF Starter Kit has a 2 milliliter capacity, which is enough for a solid single session of vaping. No need to worry about having to refill when you are done, or at all for quite some time. The Feedlink Revvo comes with an immense 7 milliliter capacity tank. With the squonk bottle, the Feedlink’s total storage is a whopping 9 milliliters! This is more than double what is the standard size for a large tank! The astounding amount of storage available in this kit is one of the Feedlink’s strongest traits and we don’t think it will take much to convince you of that.

Some may worry that the amount of storage might make for an unwieldy kit but the Feedlink ergonomic design makes for easy and comfortable use. As an added bonus, the Feedlink Revvo BF Starter Kit comes in a wide array of beautiful color combinations. From Silver and Sunset Red to Gunmetal Chrome we are sure that whatever your tastes there will be a Feedlink to suit you.

Aspire is well known for their innovative, high-performance mods and their kits, being constructed of those mods, demonstrate that same expectation of standards. Knowvape never misses an opportunity to give our fans a chance to get their hands on what we know as some of the best vape equipment out there. So grab the Feedlink Revvo BF Starter Kit while you still have a chance. We know you won’t regret it.

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