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Aspire Mini Triton Clapton Coil 5 Pack


Sometimes when you are investing in your vaping you have to spend your money on maintenance instead of fun stuff like new mods and juice. And you know its a necessity but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a drag. Well, you can check one more thing off that list you have to worry about because Aspire has made coil replacement a fordable and simple. With their Mini Triton Clapton Coil 5 Pack you can stock up or change it up, but whichever choice you are making you can be sure of one thing, it's going to be an easy one.

Aspire specializes in the production of coils for sub ohm based mods and kits. Sub ohm vaping is when you have very little electronic resistance allowing the coil to reach higher heat and rate of vaporization. This style of vaping allows for hotter and flavorful clouds of vapor. If you are unfamiliar with vaping you can check the allowable parameters of your mod. If it's safe then all you would need to do to try sub ohm vaping for yourself is pick up this pack and switch out your coils. If you are already a fan of sub ohm vaping then this pack is a great pick up for those needed replacements.

And you are definitely going to need replacements. That’s just how it is. Sub ohm vaping uses a lot of power to generate a lot of heat. That time of high energy use increases the amount of wear and tear on a piece of equipment. Even with high-quality coils like the ones Aspire produces you will have to switch them out eventually. Thankfully Aspire has made by their coils not just easy but affordable. So getting your hands on a five pack of Aspire coils is the easy way of taking the worry out of your vaping.

The Mini Triton Clapton Coil 5 Pack comes in a bunch of variates to suit whatever kit you have from Aspire. Aspire wants all of their customers to have access to the same high-quality coil that came with their kit so they can have the performance from their Aspire kit that they have not only come to expect but to rely upon. The Clapton Coil 5 Pack comes in the standard Clapton that has 1.8 ohms of resistance. For people looking for something a little lower we also have the Kanthal 1.2 ohm available in a 5 pack as well. And for those who want the most heat and power available to them then they would want to look into the Ni200 with a very low .15 ohms resistance.

We know that replacing your coils sounds like a chore and we are going to try and paint it as anything but. Maintenance is a necessity of any hobby. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make choices to make it a little easier on yourself. Aspire makes coil 5 packs like their Mini Triton Clapton in order to make your maintenance less of a dread and more of a detour on the road of vaping. So pick one up and stick it in a drawer for a rainy day. You’ll be glad you did.

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