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N1-Aspire Premium E

Aspire Vape Co
$12.00 $20.00

What is vaping without a good e-juice? People have a lot of reasons that they get into vaping, but it can’t be denied that one of the reasons they stay is the flavor. Vaping gives us the chance to experience a plethora of flavors at our convenience. It isn’t practical to eat apple pie ala mode while walking down the street or go and pick up a birthday cake whenever you feel the craving but with vaping, it is never that difficult. We know you want e-juice that can deliver like that and with the N1-Aspire Premium E you are getting exactly what you came for.

One of the key things that you probably look at is the nicotine content of your juice. The N1 comes in a wide selection of nicotine amounts. For those looking for a milder hit, you can choose from the 3mg or 6mg bottles. Or if you like something closer to a cigarette then the 12mg Premium E would be the way to go. Or maybe you are just in it for the flavor of it all, then Aspire has the N1 in a 0mg option as well.

We also have the N1-Aspire Premium E available in a couple of different sizes. There is the 15 milliliter size. This a good bottle option if you are a vaper who likes to carry their bottle around with them. If you are a fan of direct drip in place of a tank then the 15ml is a solid choice. Or maybe you just like to change your flavors up a lot, then the 15ml is a good choice too. Not to suggest that the 30ml option is inferior, no way. The 30ml is great if you are already a huge fan of the N1 or if you are big on the sharing with your vape circle. Either size, you really can’t go wrong.

But let's get down to it, the flavor. The N1 is one of the flavors from Aspire that really excites us since it brings you all the flavorful fun of the fair right to your mod. That's right, fried dough, elephant ears, funnel cake whatever your local name for it is there is no denying the deliciousness of powdered sugar and hot fried batter. And now you can have all that wonderful nostalgic flavor in each hit. Want to feel transported back to the fairgrounds near your home town? Want to hear the music, peels of laughter, and sounds of games? Well, it’s all right here in a convenient little bottle, just for you.

Aspire is famous for its tech. It's their envelope-pushing mods and their everything in one amazing kits that they built their name on. But that doesn’t mean they can’t also produce some out of this world flavors on top of everything else. We here at Knowvape know that tastes vary, not everyone will like everything we like. But this sweet, inviting flavor is so good we just can’t help to recommend it to you. Give it a try and we think you’ll feel as swept away by it as we were.

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