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N2-Aspire Premium E

Aspire Vape Co
$12.00 $20.00

Aspire is the leading producer of high-quality vape mods and kits and there is no reason their juice should be any different from the rest of their products. The N2-Aspire Premium E is an e-liquid for those who enjoy smooth flavors and robust hits. And who doesn’t? But the Premium E is a liquid that not only tastes good but comes from a reliable company, and that’s a pedigree that can’t be beaten.

Premium E comes in a wide range of sizes for vape enthusiasts of any sort of persuasion. Available in 15 milliliter bottles for those who are looking to maybe try the flavor out, or are already a fan and want a bottle for their ongoing rotation. 15 ml bottles are a great pick up if you like using a lot of different flavors all the time. Alternatively, 30 milliliter bottles we think are a great choice if you are a big fan of the Premium E or you are someone who likes to share and trade flavors around. What is vaping if not a social experience, after all.

The Premium E juice also comes in a wide variety of nicotine amounts. Looking for just a little bit? The 3mg and 6mg, available in both the 15ml and the 30ml bottles, should do the trick. Or are you looking for something closer to a cigarette? Then the 12 gram bottle will probably best for you, also available in 15 and 30 milliliter sizes. Or maybe your someone who just wants to vape for the flavor of it all? Well Premium E has you covered there too, with a nicotine-free version of this flavor also available in all sizes.
But let's get down to the most import aspect of an e-juice, the flavor. The N2 Aspire Premium E ‘s principle flavor is honeydew melon. Imagine having the sweet, juicy flavor of a ripe honeydew right at your fingertips. All the delicious taste of a lush melon rolling over your lips and tongue in the form of a rich vapor. Want to feel like you are enjoying that moment of when you first sink your teeth into a cool refreshing slice of melon on a warm summer day. The Premium E can make that fantasy into a reality anytime you drop it into your kit.

We know that one of the most fun things you can shop for is your e-liquid. Sifting through all the different flavor combinations and descriptions, setting a few aside that sound good and having to choose the one that sounds the most appealing is half the fun. We know that N2-Aspire Premium E should be one of those, a liquid you add to your “maybe this one” list. A highly regarded brand like Aspire bringing you the fun and fruity flavor of honeydew? It's definitely something to think about. But we at Knowvape are here to say that we think it should be one of the flavors you finally decide on. The Premium E is delicious and smooth and a flavor that we are confident if you try it that you’ll be coming back for more.

Honeydew Melon Fruit
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