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Aspire Nautilus AIO Pod Mod Kit

$9.99 $17.99

Yeah, you are reading that right. The Nautilus has its own pod kit now, the Nautilus AIO Pod Mod Kit to be exact. If you are looking to reduce the amount of time spent on maintenance and upkeep for your kit then pod mods are a solution we can’t recommend more. No mess or worries, just load up your pod and hit the town. And what better way to get into the pod mod scene than with a product from Aspire, one of the premier vape tech brands in the pod mod scene.

The Nautilus AIO comes with two separate coils for their kit. Normally two coil kits are created to provide a wider array of heat levels but that isn’t the case with this particular kit. Instead, the two coils are included to allow for the use of different types of pods. One is meant for standard e-fluid pods that can be bought for the Nautilus, and the other is intended for high nicotine content salts and juices that are available. Whichever you tend to prefer, or if you like to switch it up between the two, the Nautilus AIO Pod Mod Kit is a good choice.

The Nautilus AIO utilizes a battery that has a capacity of 1000 mAh worth of power. This is enough energy to supply you for hours worth of vaping. No need to stop and find an outlet while you are out and about. And if you happen to run through your battery too quickly, or forget to charge your Nautilus, this kit is fitted with a micro USB charger. It can be fully charged up in as short as 3 hours.

And you are going to need all that power. Why? Well, one of the strongest features of this pod kit is, obviously, its pods. The Nautilus AIO pods come with a massive 4.5 milliliter capacity. That amount of juice will have you vaping for hours, hence the batteries sizable charge. You need the performance to back up that kind of storage and the Nautilus doesn’t fall short.
This kit actually comes with a lot of bonuses in terms of long use. With a wide array of replacement parts, you won’t have to worry about wear or tear or overuse. Use the Nautilus when you want to, you’ll have the parts on hand if you need them. And if you don’t? Well, the Nautilus AIO also comes with a warranty card. It’s not likely that will have any issues, but if you do then you have that to fall back on.

Aspire brings quality products like Nautilus to the vaping scene is not new behavior for this company. Which we suppose is what Aspire and Knowvape have in common, bring quality things to the forefront. We are committed to that business model as well, which is why we want to offer the Nautilus AIO Pod Mod to you. A quality kit with the performance of a custom mod and the ease of use of a mod kit. What's not to love?

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