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Aspire SkyStar Revvo Kit


Kits are a great way to introduce yourself to new concepts. Want to try vaping? Pick up a kit. Reloadable pods? You could change up your mod but a kit will save you time, money, and spare you the pain of buyers remorse. So if you are curious about sub ohm vaping, why not follow suit and pick yourself up a new kit from the very best in sub ohm mods. Aspire wants to give you this opportunity with the Skystar Revvo Kit.

When you check your kits specs, whats one of the first things you look for? The tank that comes with the Skystar Revvo Kit has a total capacity of 3.6 milliliters. This is a larger amount, even for a tank built for sub ohm vaping. You are going to be able to get hits of your favorite flavor of e-juice again and again before this tank comes even close to running out. So enjoy your time with your Skystar kit at ease and worry about filling up later.

The Skystar Revvo Kit is also an excellent choice if you want a kit that makes things simple but also comes with a little versatility. Aspire wants you to have a few options, so the kit comes with two different coils, one with a count of .16 ohms and the other at a very low .1 ohms. Having both of these coils means you can feel around with what you want out of your sub ohm vaping, or if you already know what to expect, then you are free to change things up a bit on a whim now. Whatever your preference you are all set for some flavorful hot hits with either of these coils.

One of the most impressive features of the Skystar Revvo Kit is the front screen display. Not only is this a crisp clear display, able to show even the most minute details but it is also versatile to boot. Able to show the time on top of a handful of other features turns this kit from great to above and beyond in terms of performance. One of the only kits we have seen where the extra mile comes standard and we have Aspire to thank for it.

Its beautiful and versatile display also gets to be wholly accented by the variety of colors that this fine kit is available in. Black Carbon, Blue Camo, Slate Blue, Woodgrain, White, and Fiery Red, all these options are clean cut and crisp. If you are looking for a kit that has a down to earth and dignified look then the Skystar is the set up for you.

There are a lot of good kits out there in the world, but few of them measure up to those available from Aspire. Aspire designs parts that work together for the utmost in quality and performance and their Skystar Revvo Kit is one of the very best they have to offer. If Knowvape didn’t believe that then this kit wouldn’t be in our shop. Try it for yourself and get your hands on an amazing vaporizer.

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