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Aspire SkyStar Revvo 210W Box Mod


One of the best things about Aspire is their kits and mods are all well designed. If you see a mod from an Aspire kit that you want then it's safe to say that you’ll easily be able to get your hands on it. And why wouldn’t you want to get your hands on their Skystar Revvo 210W Box Mod, easily one of the nicest pieces of vape tech that they have in circulation. And with Aspire that's saying something, but it's something that we are pretty comfortable saying.

The Skystar Revvo has some pretty impressive specs in terms of its performance and output. First and foremost in a temperature control box is its temperature range, which for the Skystar is 200F to 600F. It has an impressive power range as well with a wattage spread of 5 watts to 210 watts. The voltage is equally impressive, ranging from .5v to 9v. The temperature box’s resistance is also an important factor but with the coil ohms of the Skystar being .1 ohm to .5 ohm and the atomizer resistance being a wide .05 to 3 this Aspire box has you covered.

But does the Skystar Revvo 210W Box Mod have the power to back it up? The short answer is yes. With two huge 18650 batteries powering this thing you are looking at a tremendous amount of supply. Not just that, but the battery life of this box is going to be extremely long meaning you are going to get a lot of quality vaping time out of it. As an additional bonus, this box supports micro USB charging. So in just a few short hours, you’ll be able to recharge your mod to full capacity and get on with your vaping without a worry in the world.

This temperature control boxes shining feature is its screen. The Skystar Revvo have one of the best looking displays we have seen, being crisp, clear, and easy to read. No need to worry about making adjustments in dimly lit clubs or while out at night, you’ll have no issues making adjustments. But the true piece to resistance is the touch screen interactivity. No more concerns about button layout or even hiccups over button functionality, the Skystar Revvo 210 Box Mod has a fully functioning touch screen display to make any adjustments easy as pie. Touch screens, much as they are in almost every other electronic medium, are the future of vaping and you can be right here on the forefront.

Aspire is always surprising us. Which is doubly impressive, because Knowvape always thinks they have come to expect some of the best from them and they always manage to come up with something newer and better than we could have imagined. Now with the Skystar Revvo 210 Box Mod, we have some of the most advanced temperature control available in terms of use and interaction and we are eager to put it in your hands. Don’t end up falling behind. Be one of the first in your circle to have temperature control at your fingertips. You won’t regret it.

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