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Aspire Speeder 200W TC Box Mod


If you are looking for a combination of heightened control and sleek design then look no further than the Aspire Speeder 200 watt TC Box Mod. This temperature control box is an excellent addition to any modders kit and will quickly make its way to even the choosiest of vaper’s essential build list.

The Aspire Speeder is a 200 watt box mod powered by 18650 rechargeable batteries. All the ease and convenience of a long lasting reliable charge with none of the hassle or long wait times. In as little as 3 to 4 hours the Aspire Speeder will be up for accompanying you to the beach, night club, or any other of other your favorite vape spots without having to worry about lugging around a charger. Just juice up and go.

And the Aspire Speeder Box Mod has an incredibly user-friendly U.I. Changing all your settings will be easy an accessible right after installation. And if you are the type that struggles with new technologies, well no worries. The Speeder also comes with three memory slots for setting pre sets so once you have everything figured how you like just set it and forget it. Like certain flavors at particular temperatures? Figured out the perfect way to get the most out of your juice? Then the Aspire Speeder 200 Watt TC Box Mod has you covered.

The Aspire Speeder offer full and intricate temperature control for the NI200, Titanium, and SS316. But if you don’t have one of those models don’t feel left out. The Speeder also offers an electric mode for those of you out there using coil builds. So almost anyone who is interested in having this nuanced temperature control box and its easy to use interface can get one. Everyone can have an Aspire Speeder box at their fingertips regardless of their budget.

And for those who are more aesthetically minded the Aspire Speeder Box Mod has you covered since it comes in three different color sets. The Speeder is available in silver and grey, gold and white, and completely black varieties. So no matter the build of your current mod there will be an Aspire Speeder that fits whatever theme or look your striving for. The Aspire Speeder Box Mod also features a specialized design that is both lightweight and ergonomic. Meaning you can keep this piece on hand for long stints at a time without having to worry about uncomfortable angles, edges, or the unfortunate plight of hand cramps.

When you look at everything the Aspire Speeder 200W TC Box Mod has to offer it is no surprise that we have it on our shelves here at Knowvape since we only have the highest quality vape products and accessories for sale here. We are confident that anyone who makes this addition to their kit will know they made a smart choice. Your kit could be the next lucky one to get this awesome modification and you could be the one to reap all the sweet rewards.

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