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Aspire Speeder Revvo Kit

$19.99 $44.99

One of the smartest moves someone can make while shopping for a kit is looking at brand self-compatibility. How well does this mod work with other mods made from the same brand? Well, it would be hard to find a brand more in line with this idea than Aspire, with every one of their mods built to work most efficiently with one another. Which makes picking up any one of their kits a no brainer, and the Speeder Revvo is no exception.

The Speeder Revvo Kit has many exceptional qualities, but one of our favorites is its overall tank capacity. The Speeder touts a total capacity of 3.6 milliliters. That's almost double the stock tank size you tend to see in other kits. Which is a double win, really. Firstly, that’s just giving you access to a lot of juice, which any vape enthusiast knows is good news. Second, this is also an excellent design choice for the kit, considering that it also contains a sub ohm coil (we will talk about that in a little bit), which tend to use a little bit more juice to achieve their desired effect.

The coil that comes with this kit isn’t something to just brush over either. The Speeder Revvo Kit comes with a .16 ohm coil with a wattage range of 50 to 100. The Speeder Kits capabilities don’t stop there, though, it's flexible. It comes with an additional .1 ohm coil. So, if you want to push the limits of heat and power then this kit can do just that, all without breaking a sweat.

And if you want to properly handle that heat and power you are going to need one hell of a control box. Lucky for you that’s exactly what the Speeder Revvo Kit comes with. This awesome TC box doesn’t just have an excellent voltage and wattage. It has a crisp and clear display so you always know exactly what you are doing. The temperature control box also has 6 built-in memory slots for your set up so you can pre-log your preferences and never worry about finding that sweet spot again. Not to mention its smooth design or discrete triggering mechanism.

But that's just the control, what about the power? Well, the Speeder is a powerhouse, containing two 18650 batteries for its supply. This is a massive amount that will be able to keep your kit going for hours with no end in sight. Not to mention the Speeder sports a micro USB charger so even if you manage to kill the battery a full recharge is just a few short hours away.

Aspire kits really stress to impress, everything they are about, quality, performance, reliability, right here in this tight little kit. We love that about them here at Knowvape and why we think other vapers should love them too. Which is why we think you should try the Speeder Revvo, which we know is a prime example of everything there is to love about not only Aspire but sub ohm vaping as a whole.

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