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Athos Sub Ohm Tank

$14.99 $22.99

Aspire has done it again. Presenting the Athos Sub Ohm Tank, a high yield tank for the vape connoisseur looking for high-performance mods. If you have been looking to branch into sub ohm vaping or if you are a long time veteran looking for the perfect piece to fine turn your kit then, either way, the Athos is an awesome choice and one we think would be foolish to pass up on.

When you are considering purchasing a tank the first question on your mind is, of course, going to be the capacity. Many tanks are crafted with 2 to 3 milliliters but if you are working with a sub-ohm coil the knowledgeable vaper knows that simply won’t cut it. Thankfully, Aspire has its clientele’s best interest in mind and knows their product. The Athos Sub Ohm Tank is built with a whopping 4 milliliter capacity. That’s almost double some of the tanks you get as stock with starter kits. That’s double the juice and double the flavor you love to hit.

It’s a good thing too because you are going to need a lot of juice for this tank. It’s a fact, sub ohm coils consume a bit more but the rewards are well worth it. You get more vapor from each hit and more vapor means more flavor, which if that isn’t a pro then we don’t know what is. But the best part? The Athos Sub Ohm Tank doesn’t come with just one coil, nope, you get two high-quality coils with your purchase of this tank. The .3 ohm coil was designed to work at 60 to 70 watts and is best for people who are looking for a bit of a cooler sub ohm experience. The .16 ohm works best at 100 to 120 watts if you prefer hotter and thicker clouds of vapor. With this important variety at your disposal, the Athos is sure to win you over in a heartbeat.

The Athos Sub Ohm Tank is just as nice to look at as it is to use, which is saying a lot. If you are the type who prefers a bold look with your mod then you might like Athos’s Gold or Rainbow finishes. If you are something that might blend a little better with the rest of your kit then the grey, black, or stainless designs might be more to your taste. Either way, the experts at Aspire know that looks are as important as function and they are on top of it.

We are always excited to offer Aspire products. From their pod use kits to their top tier mods Aspire always strive to offer its customers the very best, and that is exactly what Knowvape wants to offer you as well. And we are just as excited to offer the Athos Sub Ohm Tank for the exact same reasons we offer any other Aspire product. It’s a reliable mod and a worthwhile investment. Why not give it a shot and find out for yourself.

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