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8816 Liquids
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8816 is a producer of delicious liquids to best suit the needs of their customers. They are a brand dedicated to making a superior product and clearly willing to do the hard work it takes to achieve that. Their Aurora e-liquid is proof positive of that. You need only read onward for it to become clear why.

Aurora is produced with 8816’s signature wide array of nicotine strengths. With amounts available from as small as 1.5mg all the way up to 12mg there is a nicotine amount for everyone. This makes this an especially useful flavor for smokers looking to get themselves off nicotine for good. For those who are a fan of Aurora’s flavor, there is also a 0mg option.

Aurora comes in two different sizes. The 60ml bottles are the more standardized choice of the industry and with good reason. Reasonable in size and amount as well as price. The 120ml bottles of Aurora are most for its fans, certainly, but are a good deal and worth getting your hands on all the same.

8816 presents a unique flavor combination with their Aurora e-juice. A familiar fruit cereal base accented strongly by an over flavor or orange. The bite and crisp tartness of citrus perfectly complements the smooth and simple sweetness that is the base of this juice. Aurora is a complex mixture of flavors that ultimately makes for a great flavor.

If you like complex flavors with versatility of product then we think this juice is definitely worth both your time and consideration.

Fruit Orange Cereal
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