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Occasionally a little intensity is all you need so as to take you vaping excursion. We are currently talking about salt established nicotine over here that is being added to Aurora, a deliciously made salt e liquid that will have flavors that are far more potent than you expected. When you get your hands you won't need to think about skipping breakfast. You'll be able to taste when you take a puff of the salt e liquid. Is going to provide you. You may not be able to get from vaping this salt e vitamin C liquid, but you will still appreciate all. Because it will give you a throat strike like no other as you feel you may grow anxious. The flavors will become more potent than you expected and you'll be able to feel the salt e liquid moving deeper and deeper down your own throat. You are going to feel like you just finished helping yourself into a gallon of some of the best orange juice. You begin to exhale and enable the vapor to easily begin to make its way out, when you believe you have soaked up all the flavors. The clouds are not likely to be big, but you will find. You should be saying hello to another pull right after those buddies of yours evaporate.

**This Item is made with salt nicotine and not Meant for sub ohm vaping**

Flavors: Orange, Cereal

PG/VG: 50/50

Fruit Orange Cereal
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