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Dense, moist and rich, this is the kind of dessert design blend that anyone that gravitates towards sweeter juices is going to need to have about. It offers you all of these facets that you look for to conquer those cravings but there is a really quantity of balance brought into play which makes it effortless to vape over and over again. This is one of those staples that you could well end up finding yourself buying over and over again, becoming a staple which you recommend to every vaper which you encounter in your travels. As packaged with detail as this taste is, and well represented, it never becomes overwhelming or gets your taste buds becoming bored of it. The texture paired with that hint of sophistication and decadence brings about a disposition of relaxation that is sensual that will make it so easy for you to unwind at the end of the day and let your worries drift off. Baked Goods E Liquid is a line that takes all those dessert classics that everyone has come to understand and adore and flips them on their heads with the usage of some different notes and undertones which include some more complexity and uniqueness that make them irresistible. B.D.P.C stands for best damn pound cake and you'll most definitely agree with that statement after you taste that juice. A fluffy, pound base is soaked in some bourbon that brings about just the right amount of dimensional flair.

Primary Flavors: Bourbon, Cake

Cake Bourbon Dessert
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