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Baby V2 A1 Replacement Coils (3 Pack)

$13.49 $13.99

When the coil burns , so does the tank! This is the reason you should always have a bunch of fresh new coils ready to help out you just in case something like that were to happen. This tank is one that many enjoy using since there are so many great things about it, including the coils that are harmonious with it. Here, you're likely to have the option to choose from two different coils that are going to be constructed of stainless steel with properties that are various. The Baby V2 A1 Single coil is going to have a resistance of 0.17ohm. With this coil, it is going to be able to utilize a wattage output assortment of 90W into 140W, however it is encouraged that you simply used a wattage output assortment of 110W to 130W for outcomes. These coils will give your e liquids a milder flavor that you are able to enjoy them a little more. Your cloud game is going to be mad strong because of how big the clouds will get when you exhale. Choose your pick with these coils and you will walk away with a winner.

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