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You simply can not resist a baby face, can not you? Find yourself being charmed and seduced by this juice that has got the whole package. You will love the way that this mixture carries a flavor which you are so unnaturally familiar with and adds some new aspects that update it and make you excited to have the ability to taste it on your own. The blend of different flavors and senses that you're going to get will have your perceptions feeling like they are being subjected to something of the likes they have never encounter before. It is no wonder why people seem to gravitate towards juices such as this when they want something which is going to have the ability to give them exactly what they want when they want it. It's going to continue providing you with loads of great flavor and smooth texture which not only suits your taste buds but also gives you this superb sense of comfort and revival that may further improve your general vaping experience and leave you feeling as happy as may be after every last inhale which you take. Every day, true love does not happen to us but we have a feeling that you are going to be celebrating the anniversary of the very first time that you attempted this juice for years and years to come. Vaping Mafia E Liquid is a lineup that takes its inspiration from years gone by from all those gangsters that are gritty and glamorous. This collection was created by the dream team over at Vape Daugz E Liquid and you'll be smitten when you try any one of those flavors they provide up. Babyface combines a rich, creamy yogurt foundation using tropical banana and refreshing strawberries.

Flavors: Strawberry Yogurt

PG/VG: 5/95

Strawberry Yogurt Banana Fruit
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