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Bakers Daughter

Coil Spill E Liquid

This is the liquid that is e you have been searching for that might remind you of some of your cookies. Bakers Daughter is the liquid that's going to permit you to feel as if you're currently eating several cookies all at one time. Taking a pull of this liquid will make you feel as if you were transported. You find a banner around the bakery telling the cookies to try out they have made to spice up their menu. You are a little iffy, but you've been coming for this bakery for years and they haven't neglected you since. The baker gives you a cookie and you have a bite of the candy treat. You'll be able to feel as if the melted chocolate will get in your face because of how much of it is contained in the cookie. You start to taste this cookie getting sweeter as you keep savoring this snack that is delicious, and that is that are trying to steal the show. This cookie tastes fresh and warm out of the oven, so you're excited that you were able to take this cookie offer. This bakery is not going to give you anything fair as stated before.  You are going to receive but permit you to taste more of the flavors you're enjoying right now. You can taste the delicious e liquid allowing you to receive a couple more notes before it has made its exit and easily making its way out when you think it is time to exhale. The clouds are going to be enormous and the aromatic odor will surround you. The odor will be this good that you may not await the clouds to disappear because all you may want to do would be take a second hit.

Primary Flavors: Cookie Chocolate, Marshmallow

PG/VG: 30/70

Cookie Chocolate Marshmallow White Chocolate Pastry Dessert
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