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503 E Liquid
$21.99 $39.00

503 E-Liquid’s product line is defined by its versatility. With its wide range of nicotine strengths and bottle sizes, they are clearly dedicated to meeting their customer's needs. With this promise of quality coupled with superior flavors, 503 defines itself on the market. Their Barista e-juice is a shining example of this quality.

Barista is available in three sizes. The 30ml is what you’ll be looking at if your ordering this flavor for the first time or like to keep bottles in small storage spaces, like a pocket or a purse. The 60ml bottles are definitely for fans of the flavor, which we know you will be after you try your 30ml. And the 120ml bottles are great for socializing or if you like to squirrel away for those days it's out of stock, keeping a backlog.

This juice comes in one widest ranges of nicotine available. The nicotine content ranges all the way from 2.5mg to 25mg. This makes Barista a great choice for trying to kick a heavy tobacco habit. It's important to keep in mind that very high nicotine content juices need high heats, sub ohm coils, to properly utilize.

Barista is one of our favorite examples of a well-known flavor properly executed in e-liquid form. This juice is flavored after espresso with light notes of cream, giving you the perfect cappuccino experience in each hit. If you are a coffee fan, or just enjoy juices with a pleasant odor /flavor combo then this is a juice you aren’t going to want to pass up.

Espresso Coffee Cream
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