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Would you feel as if you want some time? You are not being selfish, but some time allows you to collect your ideas and continue working efficiently. It does not even need to be for a long time, as long as you have something that will make attaining nirvana a process that is easy. Well, this salt e liquid believes that it's precisely what you need in order to feel a bit relaxed. Blue is not simply the name of the colour that you see in the sky or the island water that you would not mind going for a swim in. It is the name of the vape juice that contains a bit of salt established nicotine to experience an extreme yet flavorful vape trip. You are going to realize this salt e liquid is created from some of the tobacco leaves this planet offers when you choose the first pull. Their taste is going to possibly make your mouth water, and also the rich tastes may cause some nostalgia of the first time you when on your introductory vape adventure. However, this tobacco isn't alone, as the coolness begins to create its way in and you will realize this. If you taste a menthol kick, then you may gradually feel your insides becoming colder and colder. Because you understand the salt emails liquid is only trying to let you have a fantastic time the temperature within your own body isn't going to bother you. You are going to feel that the mix smoothly beginning to make its way, as the two of these flavors start to come together. Your eyes get wider due to the eruptions of classic notes. The throat strike is going to be something that you have to feel to believe!

**This product is made with salt nicotine and not Meant for sub ohm vaping**

Tobacco Menthol
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