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Blue Frost Refill Pods (3 Pack)


Ready to make it cold up in this? Blue Frost is going to be the e liquid that is currently going to make the chills run down your spine and feel as though you're gradually turning into a frozen statue. This e liquid is comes pre-filled in a pod that holds 2ml of it. So whenever you want to give it a little flavor, remember you have to keep you amused. Cig2O, who created the mod compatible with this pod known as the STIK Kit, introduces this pod to us. Putting these two together is going to cause you to forget about the old methods of vaping. The pod is anti-leak, and the pods are non-refillable begin stating your goodbye to messes. You're likely to taste the sweet and delicious mint taste coming to your mouth and making you feel as though you're getting ready by simply popping a mint when you choose a pull of Blue Frost. You've got to be extra fresh if you want the person. If you taste the taste, your mouth might begin to water due to the peppermint and spearmint combination making itself understood. Gradually, proceed to give you the throat hit they have to give and the mint and menthol taste might begin to make their way down your throat. It's not likely to be extreme, but it is going to make you feel as though you're creating some kind of freeze electricity. Because it is making you feel cool, you might even develop interested in how the founders managed to maintain this as an e liquid. Know it is about to begin snowing hard and the clouds will seem like the clouds, when you exhale. Because this package comes with three pods, this usually means you'll have 6ml of e liquid that is going to make this one.

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