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Blue Raspberry

Stay Salty E Liquid
$16.99 $23.99

The things in the flavor world sport a shade of azure. Sure raspberries are delicious in their own, but that they leap out, if you add this blue colour to any product using a raspberry flavor and you must have them. This electronic juice is no different from the flavor of snacks that are iced and your favorite candies. Blue Raspberry e liquid is the most popular flavor of tart and sweet raspberries, still so powerful and so small. The blue colour attracts your eyes to the jar as the minute is instantly attracted your taste buds by the flavor you inhale its own yummy notes of berry tartness that is natural. Take a pull of this vapor out of Blue Raspberry e liquid and a whirl of powerful raspberry flavor will blast into your mouth and douse your taste buds with the perfect levels of sour and the inimitable flavor or natural sugar found in raspberries that are actual.  We have to warn you, though. This degree of flavor might have your mind preoccupied when you are able to taste this fruit lover's dream waiting for your next break. It then starts its journey as the vapor strikes on every part of your mouth, making sure you get a full-blown raspberry-fueled experience. Here, the authentic science comes into play since the makers of Blue Raspberry use low levels of salt for an inhale and the perfect recipe for comfort. You might want to stay in this moment forever, but do not forget to exhale. Then you'll be able to taste these raspberry notes as they wash your tongue and leave their electrifying sparkles in your lips till you're ready for your exhilarating pull of Blue Raspberry .

**This product includes salt nicotine and is not intended for sub ohm vaping. **

Flavors: Raspberry

Blue Raspberry Fruit
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