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Would you like things? If you're the type of person who likes to blast their tunes in the car, be bold and do your own thing, you're going to absolutely love this vape juice blend that is made out of a whole lot of attitude. It has only got that star quality about it that make it so that you can never get tired of its delicious essence and will keep you. Whenever you let your lips were hit by its taste, like you're transported to another galaxy in warp speed, it will be. It has this punch of flavor that you can not ignore no matter how hard that you may try. Just think about how it will be to grab this juice, take a couple of pulls from your mod and feel yourself be uplifted with a massive amount of vibrant taste that puts you into a uplifted attitude. Whatever you do, do not sleep on this one because it has that"it" variable that is so rare nowadays. Sugar Salt E Liquid creates combinations that have a lot of amazing, creative flavor profiles that will be welcomed additions to everybody's repertoires. They bring together with a whimsicalness that will take your vaping routine to new heights that you won't have the ability to quit returning to. We all know the power of owning a good juice blend by our side and these men will provide that to you. Blue Razz has a loud, in your face, sour and sweet blue raspberry taste that will give you a bit of pep.

**This product is made with salt and not intended for sub ohm vaping**Primary Flavors: Blue Raspberry

Raspberry Blue Raspberry Fruit
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