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Blueberry Jam Cookie

Sad Boy E Liquid

What's blue in color and tastes like summer? Blueberries. What tastes like summer and can be carried out for convenience? To get vape juices, among the symbols of quality lies in their capacity to communicate authenticity and creativity. Sad Boy E Liquid claims that their latest addition Blueberry Jam Cookie is representative of this fact. This juice is a concoction of fruit, dessert, and skillet. Think back to some summer in the farmer's market, baskets bursting with fresh blueberries. Sad Boy E Liquid requires the most succulent of this fruit and churns their juice into a new jelly. The bakery has nothing on the biscuits that make up this juice. Prior to being put in the oven each bit was summed up. Blueberry Jam Cookie is an appreciation of the heat associated with the dessert and also a party of goodness that is crunchy. If you loved Butter Cookie and Strawberry Jam Cookie by Sad Boy E Liquid, we have high hopes that you would be satisfied by Blueberry Jam Cookie's zest. It speaks to this brand's ability and craftsmanship. Certainly if they triumphed with the second and first flavors the third should be no different. If you're knowledgeable about Sad Boy E Liquid, you'd understand that they take pride in the precision and accuracy of the combinations, this vape juice is just another exemplification of this zest. The inhale conveys notes of sweet blueberry and crispy cookies with a little bit of jelly laced about it. Tired of those boring mixes which cause jelqing strikes that are dry?

Flavors: Blueberry Cookie

Dessert Blueberry Cookie Fruit Jam
Size Nicotine Strength Price
100ml 0mg FROM $14.99
100ml 3mg FROM $14.99
100ml 6mg FROM $14.99
100ml 0mg FROM $21.95
100ml 3mg FROM $21.95
100ml 6mg FROM $21.95
100ml 0mg FROM $20.00
100ml 3mg FROM $20.00
100ml 6mg FROM $20.00

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