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Blueberry Sourade

Ra Liquids

For you sour lovers out there we've got a vape juice that's going to blow your adoring socks off. Blueberry Sourade is a tangy snack out of this vape business's other sour competitors. Not only does it provide you with the sour flavor of tasty blueberry lemonade but it unites them with the sour candy peas taste all sour fans love and know. Imagine using a pull of Blueberry Sourade e liquid from your apparatus the puckering starts. Your face starts to shrivel in that pleasing sour adoring cringe of. This is merely the zesty lemon far. Provide a little bit of symmetry to this taste and the blueberries step in to balance out the equation. On the other hand, a long shotn't goes the sour. It returns in the kind of watermelon flavored hard candy dusted with sprinkles. The ones that you used to suck on as a kid but kept getting the lecture they'll provide you cavities. Well, no cavities without glucose here. Just super sour flavor with the best fruits inserted to make this experience one for the ages. As you inhale Blueberry Sourade the sour notes will enliven your lungs and then expand them with a breath of sour-filled vapor that looks like a breath of fresh air to your adoring inclinations. If you want everything sour, fruity, sour and tangy you want Blueberry Sourade e liquid on your tank.

Flavors: Blueberry, Lemonade, Watermelon, Candy

Lemon Blueberry Watermelon Lemonade Fruit Candy
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