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Cherry Cooler

Drip & Chill E Liquid

Can it be time to cool? We're not certain what you are up to but chances are that you've got a million tasks on your schedule and not nearly enough time to reach them. This mix is going to give you each the relaxation and revival that you would expect from happy hour but without needing to forfeit a lot of time and need to pay for a cab ride home then. If you enjoy combinations that uplift and set you into a mood that is favorable, this is going to be exactly what you had to be able to turn your day. Make each moment a party and bring delight and that pleasure using a juice that is only packed with candy, fresh flavor that you can't help yourself from wanting to dance and giggle each time you take a inhale. This is the type of juice that you're going to want to have around to give you a more lighthearted type of vaping encounter that will have you grinning from ear to ear. Allow yourself to let loose and forget about all your issues with ease as long as you've got this mix around that may continue providing you all that delectable taste your mouth waters for non stop without ever growing boring or providing you a case of that dreaded vapers tongue. Drip & Chill E Liquid is a line that specializes in creating fresh flavored fruit juice combinations that are invigorating, pleasant and most interesting. Cherry Cooler carries a glass that's stuffed to the brim with tangy, fresh limeade then adds in some menthol and some sweet maraschino cherries to make it much better.Primary Flavors: Limeade, Menthol, Cherry

Lemon Cherry Lemonade Lime Limeade Fruit Menthol
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