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Circus Bear

Vape Wild E Liquid
$9.99 $16.99

When you vape with this liquid, you will have. Furthermore fun than viewing a performance done by a couple of animals and clowns? Circus Bear is the name of the liquid that is currently going to have you undergo relaxation time since you experience and see a demonstration. When you choose the very first pull, you are likely to taste the custard. This is e liquid can not conceal the fact that it's a velvety texture consequently why it is you are feeling it right away. The custard tastes wealthy and it is perhaps some. It might even be better than the one bakers use in some of your favorite pastries. Since you continue inhaling the succulent vape juice, you are likely to taste the incredible combination of the banana strawberry that is going to be candy and even creamier. The fruit is going to be fresh as it was ripe, as if it was chosen right. This might seem as if you are helping yourself to a yogurt. Since the liquid easily begins to make its way down, you'll feel the throat hit developing but you are not nervous. You are aware that it is not likely to be an intense one but one which allows you to taste the fruit and custard more. When you believe that you're ready to exhale, you gently begin to let it flow from your mouth. There are currently going to be clouds coming from your mouth if you were the one in charge of making the ones. The clouds will carry an scent that is currently going to make you picture a bear that is trained in the circus while riding a unicycle juggling a couple of bowling pins. Sounds extreme but your creativity is creative. With the clouds, you might believe you were the circus placing on the show for everybody to see. Do not stop there and immediately go on another vape excursion that only gets better.

Primary Flavors: Banana Custard

PG/VG: 35/65

Strawberry Banana Pastry Fruit Dessert Custard
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